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Popcorn Flavors

The Popcorn for Popcorn Lovers

Whether it is freshly popped, lightly salted natural popcorn; our plump kernels of cheesified goodness or our fudge-dipped creations, popcorn is one of America's favorite snacks!  At Rural Route 1 we grow only the most tender & tasty varieties of popcorn and use only the FRESHEST & FINEST ingredients to create some of the most unique and amazing popcorn snacks you will ever experience. 



Popcorn for Chocolate Lovers


K'Nuckle - A sensational blend of sweet, crunchy popcorn & lightly roasted almonds covered in creamy white fudge.
Itís simply irresistible. Whatís Kínot to love?!

RC Snakle
RC Snakle - Luscious white fudge meets sweet, raspberry kissed popcorn
& tart cranberry bits Ė an undeniably perfect match!  Expect love at first bite.
C.C. Winkle
C.C. Winkle - You will fall in love with our rich, buttery caramel corn & fresh roasted cashews smothered in
milk chocolate fudgy goodness.  Some call it a snack, but others insist it's a dessert.  Decide for yourself.
S.S. Dunkle - Our crisp, buttery caramel corn dunked in creamy chocolate fudge & sprinkled with a splash of sea salt.
Oh yes, you are going to love this decadent treat. 
Cherry Cheesecake - A sweet mingling of creamy cheesecake fudge-dipped cherry flavored popcorn with
Jelly Belly Very Cherry jelly beans.  Incredibly rich & fabulous

Popcorn for Cheese Lovers

Cheddar Cheese - Our freshly popped, locally grown gourmet popcorn is blended with savory Wisconsin cheddar cheeses.
A supreme treat for the cheese lover in all of us!

Cheesy Ranch - We have blended the perfect amount of famous ranch seasonings with our already perfect
cheddar cheese corn for a snack that satisfies your cheese lover cravings!

Cheesy Sour Cream - Who wouldn't love this cool combination of sour cream & chives deliciously blended with
our cheddar cheese corn to create a savory popcorn sensation?! 

Cheesy Jalapeno - Wildly popular, deliciously cheesy, & delightfully hot.  We kicked the tastiness of our
cheese popcorn up a notch with spicy jalapeno.  One bite & youíll understand why so many love it.

White Cheddar with Black Peppercorn - You are going to love how we combined the savory goodness of white cheddar
and a mild, but noticeable kick of black peppercorn with our freshly popped gourmet popcorn. 


Popcorn for Classic Recipe Lovers

Caramel Corn - It's crisp. It's crunchy. Real sweet cream butter & natural brown sugar give our
caramel popcorn a rich, melt-in-your-mouth taste you are sure to love. 

Deluxe Caramel - An undeniably unforgettable blend of fresh roasted pecans with a richer, more
buttery version of our classic Caramel Corn recipe.  Deluxe perfection indeed! 
Natural - Tender kernels of locally grown popcorn, perfectly popped in pure coconut oil & sprinkled
with just the right amount of salt to enhance the flavor of the corn.  A true popcorn lover's ultimate snack! 
Warm & Spicy - We add our own special blend of Cajun seasonings to the oil while popping up this
deliciously feisty popcorn that will wake up your taste buds.